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The Mod server

Posted at Mon Sep 20, 2010 6:30 pm by Sl@y3D for my n@me
Some of you obviously know that the WON2 mod server is active and happily processing requests these days. This is great, and I see some people have already downloaded a couple of mods.

However, the mods currently on the mod server may not be satisfactory. They may be buggy, they may just be useless. Here I would like to request some feedback on the mod server.

Things I am aware of:

    Totally inaccurate percentage reading - I don't know where Half-Life figures out how big the file is and how much has been downloaded. It seems to be based on about a hundred things, including what power plan I use, and what colour my walls are. Solutions to this are welcome.

    Downloads use the ZIP format rather than something superior - this is because Half-Life can only extract from ZIP files.

Post your feedback below.

MODs, servers, and anything else

Posted at Thu May 21, 2009 4:35 pm by Warf!y
Once upon a time there was a MOD server. This MOD server, an early attempt from Valve to get "involved" with the community, got a warm welcome from those wanting to play MODs without the hassle of downloading and installing them. What happened at Valve we'll never know, but their lack of interest to update the MOD server system (both content and actual software) eventually resulted in a lack of interest from the community, so that it was left behind with just basic functionality and a range of annoying bugs. While we managed to revive that system, there's no way for us to update it, since that would require changing the client as well. That's a no go with Half-Life being a proprietary piece of code.

The idea behind it, though, was a great way to deliver MODs to the community. With that in mind I started working on X-Launch way back - those of you coming here more often might remember reading about it years ago - but eventually it became more like a proof-of-concept rather than something fit for release.

But there's hope on the horizon. Due to some recent poking from Slayed I gained inspiration again to start looking at this concept. And so a few weeks of coding and fixing led to what is currently codenamed PW2Link, PlanetWON2 Link in full. It features an easy way to pull a list of MODs from the PW2Link Content server and start downloading and installing them instantly - without hassle. And that's just one of the many things it'll be doing. It's currently in heavy development, though the first internal alpha test will start very soon, after which I'm planning to give a taste of what's to come ;). The Public Beta test is on schedule to be starting shortly after it has passed internal testing.

Got curious? I'll post up some details during the coming days in the Project Updates section, including screenshots, so stay tuned for more.

Spammity Spam

Posted at Sun May 10, 2009 5:46 am by rguest
Forum spam.

Well, anyone who's been around the smaller forums these days knows the internet as a whole is entering a bad cycle of spam. Most of the CAPTCHA systems are broken (and the ones that aren't are hard for living humans to get right too), and the bots just keep getting better. And our own experiences as one of the many aforementioned smaller forums has taught us that banning is completely useless; they used to mostly come from China, but now they seem to be from botnets spanning the globe.


Oh well. Constant vigilance. That's the price we pay, and we manage. And hopefully the Good Guys (tm) will soon pull ahead in the arms race. And on the plus side, sometimes you get some halfway decent moments out of spam.

Maybe that's where I went wrong in life. I should've made my own botnet. With hookers. And blackjack. Coulda crashed the whole damn system.

Which reminds me. The first rule of project Steamless is you do not ask questions about project Steamless. The second rule is give all your worldly possessions to rguest.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Posted at Thu Dec 25, 2008 1:15 am by Sl@y3D for my n@me
Its 12:15am and I can't sleep, so I'm writing this post.

Wow! The 25th is here already. Pretty sweet. I have no idea what I have got (yet) but I do hope it mainly comprises of food, especially those Terry's Chocolate Oranges I saw downstairs. So yeah, I'd like to hear what everyone else got. Hopefully not a sack of coal, or the all-time favourite gift for fathers, a brand new DIY kit...

I do wish the hours would hurry up, I'm poking the clock in this flashy Windows 7 sidebar...

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