Steamless CS Project Team

Team Leader, Lead developer, Webmaster

Developer, Low-level specialist

Web developer WON2GCL

Sl@y3D for my n@me
Forums moderator, community support, documentation, content delivery and hosting

PlanetWON2 administrator, WON2 Master server operator


Forums moderator, community support

Special thanks to

TCN and ManderP!JN, who have helped Steamless CS Project in its early years
X-TaZe and reaver, who have left the team in 2005
Obbin, who has left the team in 2007
eLan, who has helped us with his excellent graphics artist skills in 2007
Maxunit, who has helped Steamless CS Project with server hosting during 2007 and 2008

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Our extensive support section covers many problems that you might encounter. Before asking for help, make sure you have checked the support section just in case your question has already been answered. The support section can be found here. Should you still have any questions after checking the support section, refer to our forums.

For other general inquiries please contact Warf!y on the forums.

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