Terms of Service

1. Using this site or any site maintained by us

Downloading, installing and/or using projects, patches, or any other kind of files from our site (steamlessproject.nl) or any other site maintained by Steamless CS Project, is completely at your own risk to the maximum extent possible by applicable law. This includes any and all legal responsibility as well as any possible damage that may be the result of downloading, installing, using and/or removing aforementioned files on your system, even if Steamless CS Project was advised of the possibility of such damage.

If laws in your country conflict with any of the preceding regulations, you are not allowed to use these files at all! Please contact Steamless CS Project to obtain a license for your purpose.

Rules applying to our forums can be found here.

2. Using WON2 services

By using any of WON2's services you agree to be bound to the WON2 License Agreement, available here.

3. Distribution

You are allowed to freely distribute files offered on our site under these conditions (unless otherwise noted in applicable documents):
- All files remain unchanged, including any documentation;
- Only distribution of files as part of a whole is allowed, so as they are offered on our site. Ergo, if these files are part of a project that is offered as an installer or ZIP archive, you are only allowed to distribute that installer or archive, unless otherwise noted in that project's EULA.
- Including and/or distributing our files as part of a file compilation (like a CD/DVD) or as part of a package or program is prohibited without prior written consent from Steamless CS Project, except in the situation described below.

Including files offered on our site in a file compilation IS allowed (and encouraged) when all of the following conditions are met:

The package, program or file compilation

  • Is available free of charge to anyone;
  • Includes a list of credits, acknowledging Steamless CS Project and listing any and all (parts of) projects that have been used;
  • Operates within all other bounds as mentioned on this page and any applicable EULA's
  • We request that you let us know should you want to make use of this exception. Thanks!
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