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Project: Counter-Strike 1.5 Extreme Edition
Current version: 2.0-final
Last update: 15-12-2007

System Requirements: Half-Life: version or later and Counter-Strike 1.5 MOD package.
Counter-Strike Retail: version or later (patched installations with HL update are also supported).



Release Notes
Known Issues
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Release Notes

Steamless CS Project

Counter-Strike 1.5 Extreme Edition
Version 2.0 Final

Version 2.0/Final [09/04/05]

[ Added ]
- Added a whole new set of weapons, inspired by Counter-Strike: Source
- Added new weapon sounds
- Added new textures for de_dust & de_dust2
- Added new high-definition player models
- Added new radar
- Added new console splash
- Added new main background

[ Fixed ]
- Fixed playermodels hanging while dead
- Fixed issue with bomb-planting

[ Other ]
- Includes unreleased update of Valve
- Optimized to take the Half-Life 1 engine to the maximum

[Last update: 09/04/05]


Known Issues

Version 2.0-final
Bug #cs15ee.0405.1: Playermodels hanging while dead [solved]
Bug #cs15ee.0405.2: Issue with bomb-planting [solved]

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