CS-DOS, along with an assortment of other named exploits such as hlfreeze and headnut, consist of malformed packets designed to get Half-Life servers stuck in an infinite loop.  You can read the advisory here.

CS-DOS has not enjoyed as much success as hlboom.  It is less likely to succeed and script kiddies can often be thwarted without fixing the problem.  Unfortunately patches for CS-DOS have not been as thoroughly tested for all versions.

  • Aluigi provides a file for his Lame Patcher Program which will patch the bug in memory.  His patch is available here and fixes Windows and Linux servers of version x.1.1.1e.
  • The Half-Life Winsock dll and C files mentioned on the HL_Boom page should also protect against CS-DOS.  This has not been sufficiently tested.  If you are suffering from CS-DOS attacks and use these patches please report your findings.

If you encounter problems please report them in the Support forums.

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