Half-Life Update

This page refers to an outdated version of the Half-Life patch.
While you may safely use this patch without trouble, we recommend downloading the Half-Life patch.

This update for Half-Life / Counter-Strike Retail includes many new features and bugfixes for Half-Life version and Counter-Strike Retail version

What's new in this version?
- Added PingTool WON2 Edition serverbrowser
- Added protocol 46e v.1.1 (WON2 Protocol)
- Added serveradmin contact parameter sv_contact
- Improved graphics engine
- Improved ingame serverbrowser
- Fully compatible with WON2 Server Network
- All new and updated No-WON/WON2 files included

What's fixed in this version?
- Fixed crashing problems while using Cheating-Death version 4.25.x or higher
- Fixed original HL bug: Cannot use VAC server due to expiration problems
- Fixed original HL bug: RCON abuse exploit

Version: (Release) /


Windows CompatibleHalf-Life Update (size: ~5 MB)

Download Half-Life Update

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