Roadmap 2006

The Steamless CS Project Roadmap for 2006 is as follows:

WON2 Listen Masterserver v1.0 ə

Masterserver that lists Listen servers. Listen servers are not listed on regular masterservers by default, this software resolves that issue. Current status: done, but obselete due to fix in update.

WON2 Content Delivery Server System v1.0-Final ə

As a vital part of X-Launch GDP, it will serve as a delivery system for any type of media with an excellent speedrate, even with slower connections due to the implemented WON2CDSS Technology.

Counter-Strike 1.5 Extreme Edition v3 ə

Version 2 was already a 'heck-of-an' eye-candy, yet it can get even better. Version 3 will be draining the most out of the Half-Life 1 Engine, with as one of the key features Counter-Strike: Source models.. will be finished begin 2007.

WON2 Masterserver v2.0 ə

Improved version of the currently used HLMaster. Key features include: support for filtering, support for all HLDS versions (without upgrade-notice), excellent statistics including usercount and much more.

WON2 MOD Server v1.0 ə

Another vital part of the original WON network has been restored. The WON2 MOD Server will bring you MODs directly to your Half-Life, using the Custom games tab.

Half-Life Retail Update ə

A complete new set of Engine DLLs, Steamless Team Fortress 1.6, Enhanced Graphics Engine (EGC), support for the WON2 masterservers and a lot more on schedule for tha Half-Life Retail Update.


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