Solve common HLDS problems

I have installed HLDS including all files necessary, though the server always appears as offline.

A: Make sure at least the following parameters are set accordingly: game, maxplayers, sv_lan, map. A common mistake is to forget the latter. See the 'Basic Options' section in Finetuning HLDS for more info.

Q: HLDS takes very long to launch and to appear as online.

A: This may happen if you have added -secure to your command-line. As WAC is no longer operational, this causes HLDS attempting to contact the WAC servers which have been shutdown. You should remove this parameter, while making sure secure is set to 0 in the file liblist.gam which can be found in the folder of the MOD you are running.

Q: I have set sv_lan to 1, but whenever I try to join the server I get an error related to "Class C LAN" addresses.

A: You must apply the appropriate WON2 Patch for your server in order to allow players to join. Select the right patch that corresponds with your HLDS version and follow the instructions.

Q: My server does not get listed on WON2.

A: First, you should make sure you have installed the WON2 listing patch which is also required for servers. Once this patch is installed and your server is operational, it might take a while for your server's heartbeat to propagate throughout all WON2 master servers. Generally this could take up to a few hours.

If you have properly installed the patch and your server still does not pop up in the lists, make sure your firewall and/or router is configured properly and does not block any server ports. By default these are 27015 for HLDS and 27010 for the master servers.

Q: Does WON2 support CS Beta servers?

A: All HLDS versions are supported by the WON2 master servers. Obviously, note that players will need to have the corresponding client version to be able to join your server.

Q: My Counter-Strike 1.5 server crashes when a player joins. I am running AMX Mod X 1.8x.

A: One of the plugins automatically loaded by AMXX when CS is detected is incompatible with WON2-based servers. To fix this, download this fixed version of the plugin:

AMXX AMXX Fix - Put this in your addons/amxmodx/modules folder.

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