Steamless Counter-Strike 1.6

The 100% Steamless version of Counter-Strike 1.6, which it all started with - "CS 1.6 without shit".

The very first project of the newly formed Steamless CS Project was to create a version of the then new CS 1.6 that would run on the old WON engine.

Version: Beta 3 / 1.6
Current project status: Steamless CS 1.6 has some bugs, a few less serious than others. These will not be fixed for now. The popularity of this MOD has dropped the past years and until this has not returned to a reasonable level it is most unlikely development will be continued on this project.

Disclaimer: By clicking the download link below, you state that you legally own Half-Life or Counter-Strike Retail. If you download and use this project, but do not own any of these products, you might be violating the EULA of these products and/or copyright laws in your country. By downloading and/or using this project you acknowledge that any and all legal violations that may occur will be entirely your responsibility. As mentioned in our disclaimer, downloading and using projects of Steamless CS Project is completely at your own risk.

A note about CS 1.5 vs 1.6

The majority of Counter-Strike servers on WON2 run CS 1.5 rather than 1.6. There are very few (if any) CS 1.6 servers remaining. We suggest installing CS 1.5 instead, as the two games are not compatible - although they can be safely installed concurrently.


Windows CompatibleSteamless Counter-Strike 1.6 (size: ~168 MB)

Download Steamless Counter-Strike 1.6 (Beta 3)

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