Step by Step Guide for Players

This Step-By-Step Guide will help you prepare your Half-Life or Counter-Strike Retail installation to play CS 1.5 and other MODs on WON2.

Install Half-Life or Counter-Strike Retail from CD.

NOTE: Downloading either games from an illegal source is generally a very bad idea, especially using torrents. Apart from the questionable legal status, it is not quite uncommon these are packed with spyware or viruses. Also, they may be wrapped up in such a way that it renders them incompatible with WON2 or any Steamless mod. If you decide to use a pirated copy anyway, be aware of the possible consequences. Please note that requesting links to images using the forums is strictly prohibited. If you cannot find your original CD, try buying one on Amazon or eBay.

2) Half-Life: Download and install the Half-Life Full update (hl1110.exe).
Counter-Strike Retail: Download and install the CS Retail update (cs1005.exe). This update also includes Counter-Strike 1.5.

3) Half-Life: Download and install the CS 1.5 full MOD package (csv15full.exe).
Counter-Strike Retail: No additional steps are required.

4) Download and install the WON2 listing patch or consider installing the Half-Life Retail Update which includes additional features and bug fixes.

5) Hit that shortcut and play! Pick a server in-game or have a look at the WON2 Game Server browser.


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