WON2 AntiCheat System

This page refers to a discontinued project and is being preserved for historical reference.
Information on this page should not be considered reliable and embedded links are most likely invalid.

WAC Logo (c) 2007 Steamless CS Project

The WON2 AntiCheat System (WAC) is the Next Generation version of the WON2VAC. Faster module downloading, better cheat detection, a bigger range of supported MODs, no server verification errors and a lot more to ensure you have the best anticheat system at hand - without even needing to install anything! WAC uses the same channels created for the original VAC, so there's no need to install MetaMod, add a plugin and consume more server resources. WAC is easy to install, fast and has an increasing number of cheats caught every day.

WAC can be installed the same way as you may have did with WON2VAC. Check out the Step-By-Step Guide to Setup a Server on WON2 for more info.

As of 2007, this system is no longer operational. As WAC, by design, used Half-Life's VAC backbone and cheat signatures from the Steam version, this resulted in the system hitting a compatibility barrier. With the introduction of Valve's VAC2, which essentially broke compatibility with VAC1, WAC could no longer be updated with the latest cheat signatures.

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