World Opponent Network 2

The World Opponent Network 2 (more commonly known as WON2) is the popular multiplayer network that allows players to play Half-Life MODs again as they used to play before WON went down. In the past, the WON2 network gave people a choice to avoid Steam and continue playing on the old WON system, but enjoy some of the enhancements that Steam brought. Today it is the largest unofficial multiplayer gaming network in the world.

Since its launch in 2004, WON2 has grown significantly. While initial server numbers varied between 10 and 20, at its height, between 2005 and 2010, over a 1,000 servers and between 5,000 to 10,000 players were online at any time, marking WON2 as the largest unofficial multiplayer gaming network in the world. Today, WON2 features a very respectable number of concurrent servers and players, with typical server averages varying between 90 and 120, while 200 to 600 players are online at any time. A vast majority of these servers run Counter-Strike 1.5, while a smaller number of servers run Natural Selection, Sven Co-op, Team Fortress Classic and other games.

WON2 has expanded significantly since its inception, from a simple master server replacement to a hugely successful network covering mod downloads as well as bug fixes to the Half-Life client and server. WON2 also has a sister site, PlanetWON2, which is a brand new site allowing players to chat to each other and download files, all from one location.

Live statistics on the WON2 Server Network can be found here.

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