WON2 Mod Server

The WON2 Mod Server allows users to easily access their favourite mods and applications through the use of the Half-Life client. The mod servers send information about the latest mods and who is playing them, and allow the user to download and install these mods to be played instantly.

How to access it

Accessing the WON2 Mod Server requires a WON2-based game with the latest official patch, and the WON2 patch for players installed.

From the main menu of your client, click Custom Games. Then click Refresh. Your client will pull down all the necessary information from our WON2CDSS network.


If there is a problem you would like to report, a mod you would like to request, or something else, post in this thread.


Due to technical difficulties, only a minimal number of mods are listed on the WON2 Mod Server. The client inaccurately reports the progress of the download, however, the mod is downloading, and patience will be necessary while it downloads. Mods are only available in .zip format which causes increased file sizes. For more functionality, including more mods, automatic updates and news, try PW2Link.

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