Roadmap 2007

The Steamless CS Project Roadmap for 2007 is currently as follows:

WON2 Masterserver v3.0 ə

A complete redesign of WON2's major backbone. The new masterserver will be using new techniques to ensure greater stability and liability, along with complete support for Linux platforms. Also, MOD-server capabilities are planned to be implemented, so this service will be able to benefit from the software's stability and platform compatibility as well.

WON2 AntiCheat (WAC) System 1.0x ə

The new branch of the WON2 AntiCheat System, adding more server stability and improved cheat detection, as well as support for more MODs.

Counter-Strike 1.5 Extreme Edition v3 ə

Although this version was planned for 2006, due to several issues - mostly lack of time - the next generation version of Counter-Strike 1.5 Extreme Edition will be released begin 2007. For more info please consult our Roadmap for 2006.

Half-Life Retail Update Final ə

The Final version of the Half-Life Retail Update. Major improvements are planned, things you have never imagined to be possible with the 'old' system. Currently, investigation and development on these features is going on, more details will likely follow very soon.

Half-Life Dedicated Server v2.3.0 ə

The new 2.3 branch of the easy-to-use HLDS2 will be a revolution under the server software. New features: A redesigned installer, checking for updates before installing; an optional user-friendly wizard, which will let beginners setup a Half-Life (or any other MOD) server, including addons like anticheat and administration software easily by using a step-by-step system; the HLDS2 Server Firewall, blocking any harmful packets so they will never reach your server; the HLDS2 Server Monitor, monitoring your server 24/7 with the ability to restart the server when it has crashed; a multi-in-one server control panel, which enables you to run multiple HLDS servers with just one HLDS installation, saving you a lot of diskspace; the HLDS2 Server Verification software, checking the integrity of HLDS2 any other HLDS servers that you have bound to the Firewall or Server Monitor, and last but not least an overal updating system to ensure you have the latest software and Firewall packet detection definitions.

WON2 Global Cyber League ə

The WON2 Global Cyber League will go live begin 2007. For more info, please refer to the WON2GCL project page.


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