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This is your one-stop shop for playing on WON2 servers, including Counter-Strike 1.5.


You will need to update your copy of Half-Life or Counter-Strike to the latest versions released by Valve, and respectively. Note that we assume you have one of these games installed. If you do not have Half-Life or Counter-Strike Retail, proceed to the Step-By-Step guide to Play on WON2.

Once you have updated your game, you can start using our projects, including the following patches:

At this point, it is safe to install mods. If you have a retail copy of Half-Life and want to play Counter-Strike, you might be interested in the WON2 Mod Server. You can also find the download here. We recommend Counter-Strike 1.5 as it is the most popular version.


Not sure what to do next? If you got stuck somewhere, one of our guides should get you back on track.

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